Security and Privacy at Blocktopus

08 Apr 2019 . tech . Comments
#security #privacy #blocktopus

Our latest post was about the mission Blocktopus is on, to find the sweet spot between delightful User Experience and the friction that regulations introduce in the field of ICOs/STOs. This post will communicate the steps we’ve taken in order to harden Blocktopus and to communicate that we use the state of the art processes in order to protect the data we are honored with.

“Data is the new oil” is a phrase that people in the Technology field are using very often. This phrase is capturing the one side of data, the value they carry, but it misses the opportunity to underline the responsibility that this data comes with. Over the last years there have been numerous scandals with an enormous amount of data being leaked, with Facebook being their king so far, with the very recent examples of Cambridge Analytica and the one that Spotify and Netflix were part of. Blocktopus was founded by people that are obsessed with Privacy, and as a result Privacy and Security are the top priority in our organization and will always be.

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