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11 May 2024 . tech . Choosing the right keyboard for you Comments

If you are an office desk worker, you spend most of the time on your keyboard. Up until about a year ago, the only customization I thougt was possible was the type of switch you choose, but there are many more options to consider that will improve your typing experience, your hands posture and even your typing speed and accuracy. We’ll start with the most basic options, like the type of switch and then move to the more advanced ones. Switches Linear vs Tactile vs Clicky Profile Hotswappable switches Lubed vs Unlubed Keycaps Uniform vs Sculpted Material Keyboard Form factor Keymap Ortholinear vs Staggered Split Keyboards Firmware tweaks Switches Linear vs Tactile vs Clicky Probably the first choice you’ll have to make is to decide on the type…




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